Precision Machining

Turning, Drilling, Milling, Shaping, Planing, Boring, Broaching and Sawing

Through the process of controlled material-removal (also known as ‘subtractive manufacturing’), we can produce single piece parts and components from solid materials, such as; ferros & non-ferros metals and various plastics.

We have the necessary equipment for carrying out the tree principal machining processes; turning, drilling and milling, as well as other machining methods, such as; boring, broaching and sawing.

What is machining? The term ‘machining’ is used when referring to any process in which a cutting tool using relative machine powered motion, is used to remove material from a solid object in order to achieve a desired shape or pattern.

Classic Components provide the following machining services:


We can produce cylindrical shaped parts and components using turning methods and screw cutting. This is typically carried out on a lathe, using a single edged cutting tool which removes excess material from a solid object, in order to achieve a consistent pattern 360° around the part or component.


Round holes can be created in almost any material through drilling. Using CNC machinery, it’s possible to drill precise hole patterns exact to drawings for one-off and multiple parts or components.


Plane or straight surfaces can be achieved by milling – a rotating cutting tool with multiple cutting edges around a material, usually secured on a moving flat bed in X, Y and Z axis.


In addition to the three principle machining methods, we also offer; boring, broaching and sawing.